Erlkis is an acronym for English Resource Lab: keeping it simple. We believe that effective learning is about keeping English relevant and simple. If you are an ESL student, we aim to help you master the English language for your studies and careers.

Our language products and books help students just like you improve and apply their English skills in their chosen paths. All products are created by Larissa Levkovitch who has more than 20 years of experience teaching students from all walks of life - and she knows exactly how to help you succeed in your English studies!

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Erlkis English Language Online Products

Larissa Levkovitch is a teacher and trainer of more than 20 years. She currently teaches English on a contractual basis to The University of Sydney - CET, and trains native speakers on improving their business English.

Larissa has taught thousands of students over the years at various institutions. She was the Director of TESOL at The Sydney International English College, which was hugely successful. She also taught EAP at UNSW Global and Macquarie University simultaneously. Apart from teaching ESL, Larissa has influenced thousands of people in corporate Australia, having taught plain English principles and various communication topics. She has contracted to some of Australia's top ranking training companies with outstanding results. Larissa has a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology from The University of Sydney, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in TESOL. She spent a few years writing parliamentary briefs for The Australian Government during her time as a coach, trainer and ministerial officer for The Department of Human Services.

Larissa is also an artist, who has been drawing and painting since childhood. She combines English and her creativity to stimulate maximum engagement in her workshops. She produces English products based on her lengthy experience; teaching and helping thousands of students improve their English. All Erlkis' products and workshops are designed to give you practical guidance, information and innovative ways to get inspired.

english study
english study